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  • I have forgotten my email address If you have forgotten your email address you used when you registered please email with your name and you will be sent your email address
  • I don't know my password
    If your password is saved along with your old username (autofill), but you don't know what it is:
    • If you are using Chrome on a PC, tablet, or phone, please follow the instructions labelled 'See your saved passwords' here
    • If you are using Edge follow the instructions labelled 'How to View Your Username Password Saved in Microsoft Edge' here
    • If you are using Firefox follow the instructions here
    • Note: Once you have noted your password, you should remove the saved autofill information to stop it appearing again, when you next log in you will be propted if you want to save your new email address/password

    If your password is not saved and you do not know it, it will need resetting, please go to the Login page and click I forgot my password
  • My email address and password is right, but I still cannot log in If you are sure your details are correct but you cannot log in, you may have more than one account linked to your email address, please email to resolve this

If you have any problems with any of this please email me at

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